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Our paths have crossed a couple beeg x of times, and I know that whenever we meet, both of us think about that Summer we spent hd beeg and smile. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 12:19:30 EDT From: Savage8818aol Subject: beeg xvideos Edge of Town - Chapter 1 This novel is a work of fiction and within the story, involves relationships between an adult and teenage boys. If you are a minor and should not be reading this, please leave the site now. If you are an adult that is repulsed by this type of relationship, there are other stories that may better suit your tastes and you should leave now. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. THE EDGE OF TOWN CHAPTER 1 The early wwwbeeg April sun beamed brightly in the late afternoon sky. 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They covered the pile with a piece of plastic to keep them dry and ready for use. Although the site was not too far from the house, it was far enough to offer them a flavor of being in the wilderness and a chance to tell stories, toast marshmallows and listen to music around the campfire. Camping took him away from his impish little brother and out of the sight of his prying parents. Yes, they all meant well and he guessed that some attention is better than none at all. He was glad beeg xx he had two parents who loved him and his little brother wasn't beegporn bee always a pain. Eric was fun to be with some of the time and he enjoyed teaching begg his brother about stuff. beeg vids Of beeg.coom course, he would never admit that to anyone. Around his friends, he wanted privacy so they could talk about girls, music, or beeeg anything beeg 18 else that they all felt was important at the time. 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All of them were beeg free all excited about the evening that beeg porno they would spend in his backyard campsite. tube beeg They had prepared for months, keeping their gear ready for the first warm day. Camping to a country boy was like breathing - it was just a natural thing to do. He paused for a moment, pulled at his sweat soaked T-shirt, adjusted his semi-hard cock in his shorts, and looked to the sky to drown himself in the cloudless ocean of blue. The smell of the crisp, fresh spring air mom beeg caressed his nostrils and his freckled face relaxed as he took in deep, intoxicating breaths of this natural elixir. He put his hands on his bony hips and watched a Robin hobble on his front lawn. A smile painted his lips as he watched the bird drive its beak into the muddy earth. When it returned to its original position, a juicy earthworm wiggled in its lemon- yellow beak and the chestnut-brown bird with the rusty-orange breast gobbled beeg coom it up. 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With a few rubs from his hand, his cock filled itself with the blood that pulsed through his excited body and stiffened the rod into a hard, throbbing mass of silky flesh. The mushroom head swelled with each touch and as he rubbed the swelling cock head, he felt the tingles of pleasure surge through his being as he beeg . touched the sensitive organ. He felt safe behind the tree and began to stroke beeg tubes his cock with a slow rhythm. He wanted to experience the pleasure for www.beeg com a long time and didn't want it to end quickly, so he took beeg xxx his time beeg 18 and rubbed ever so teen beeg slowly. He lost touch with his surroundings and let his mind drift to fantasyland, picturing the boys in his gym class, showering all naked together. He wondered if other boys found out about this pleasure and beeg free what beeg free it would be like to watch others pound their boners and cum off. 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"Dude, I beeg indian do it all beeg jepang the time," Brett assured him. "It's a part of growing up." Kyle beeg porn somehow settled his mind and came to his senses. He had gotten over the initial shock of being discovered and beeg come now looked at the tall and beegxx lanky, older teen that stood before him. The sweatpants that Brett wore were snug and now, the outline of a well-defined boner appeared from within the fabric. He was rubbing his bulge through beag.com the www beeg material beeg come as he smiled. beeg. com "You do?" "Yeah, all the time.... Sometimes two or beeg milf three times a day." "Wow," Kyle remarked. "I though I was the only one that did it." "No way, dude." Brett smiled. "All guys do it and if they tell you they don't, they're lying." Kyle chuckled. beegcom He wasn't as nervous as before and he could feel his cock becoming semi-hard again. "Ever do it with another dude?" Brett asked. "Nope," Kyle answered matter-of-factly. 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Let's beeg porno go, beeg porn videos babe." Kyle's mind was filled with many thoughts as he was beeg.coom led back to Brett's tent. The anticipation of trying out these new things was making his young beeg..com boy cock pulse with excitement. Every step he took caused the stiff organ to rub against